Arznei-Tee, Brennnessel Tee, 21,6 g


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Nettle tea
For flushing the urinary tract
The Mivolis nettle tea is used to flush the urinary tract.

Mandatory signs

Active ingredients: nettle leaves
Traditional herbal medicinal product for use exclusively on the basis of many years of use for the following indications: For flushing the draining urinary tract and for the prevention and treatment of kidney semolina; for the supportive treatment of rheumatic complaints.
Concentration of active substance: stinging nettle leaves, 100 g.
Pharmaceutical form: medicinal tea
Exact product name:
Nettle tea, medicines used to flush the urinary tract Active ingredient: nettle leaves

Nettle leaves

Use Precautions
Unless otherwise stated, drink 3 to 4 times a day a cup of prepared tea infusion: Two infusion bags for a cup of boiling water (about 150ml) pour over and cover for about 10-15 minutes to infuse. Press down on the infusion bag and take it out.

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Made in Germany


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