Augentropfen Hyaluron 0,4%, 10 ml


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Eye drops hyaluronic acid 0.4%, 10 ml

Soothing effect on dry eyes
Hyaluronic acid for permanent, long-lasting moisturization of the eyes
Resealable with practical single dosage
Suitable for contact lens wearers – without preservatives
Doppelherz Eye Drops Hyaluron 0.4% EXTRA offer a long-lasting moisturizing effect for symptom-free and relaxed eyes thanks to cross-linked hyaluronic acid.



Storage instructions
Store between 2 ° C and 30 ° C in a dry place and keep away from heat and direct sunlight.



Instructions for use
Remove the tamper-evident seal prior to first use.
Remove the protective cap and open the bottle.
Hold the bottle with the opening facing down over the respective eye.
Pull the lower eyelid down slightly. Put 1 or 2 drops in each eye by gently pressing the bottle.
Put the protective cap back on after use. The contents can be kept for 3 months after opening.
As the bottle is gradually emptied, a higher pressure may be necessary to dispense the product.



Mandatory information
Exact product name:
Medical device



Aqueous sodium hyaluronate cross polymer solution (of which 0.4% sodium hyaluronate cross polymer), trometamol, hydrochloric acid (2N), sodium chloride, water for injections (WFI)




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