Bullrich Heilerde Paste, 200 ml


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Bullrich Healing paste 200 ml

Healing earth to the outer application For muscle and joint complaints At acne and greasy skin Already ready mixed Vegan The ready-to-use paste of healing earth is used for the supportive treatment of muscle and joint complaints. It naturally supports the healing process. The medical device can also be optimally used for skin problems such as acne, greasy skin or greasy hair. This article is a medical device. About effect and possible unwanted side effects inform usage information, doctor or pharmacist.


Skin type: Greasy / oily, sensitive / sensitive

Scope of application: Face, body

Product features: Medical care, vegan, vegetarian

Texture / Consistency / Application: Cream / mousse


Usage instructions: Application: kneaded tube before opening. Apply paste, wrap with wet cloth if necessary and cover with dry cloth. Leave for 20-30 minutes or until the paste is dried. Then remove and rinse with water. For sensitive skin then cream. Dosage: 1 times a day or as needed; At Cellulite: 2-3 times a week.


Warnings: Do not use in known hypersensitivity to the preservative phenoxyethanol. Do not use the packing after the expiration date. Keep medicinal products inaccessible to children.


Ingredients : 100 g of paste include: effective component: healing earth (nature residue) 70 g. Other ingredients: purified water, preservative (phenoxyethanol)



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