Corona Schnelltest Selbsttest, 1 St


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Corona quick test self-test, 1 pc

Product description
Provides initial clues as to whether there is currently a Covid-19 infection
Designed for personal use within the first 7 days after the onset of symptoms
Quick and easy determination through a smear in the front nose
Result immediately after 15-20 min
Please understand that a maximum of 10 boson tests can currently be purchased per purchase in order to give everyone access to the corona rapid tests.

BOSON Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test Card is a rapid antigen test for home use, which is designed for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigen in the nasal mucosa.

The BOSON Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test Card contains everything you need to easily take a mucous membrane sample from your front nose and evaluate it on site.
The result of the test is available after 15-20 minutes.

Use of the BOSON rapid test
1) Blow your nose several times before taking a sample, then wash your hands.
2) Open the extraction solution away from your face and squeeze all of its contents into the extraction tube. Avoid contact between the two containers.
3) Remove the swab from the sealed package and do not touch the textile tip.
4) Insert the swab with the textile tip up to 2.5 cm deep into one nostril.
5) Rotate the swab 3-4 times along the nasal mucosa and leave it in the nostril for a few seconds. Repeat this process in the other nostril. Avoid a deeper introduction if you feel pain or resistance.
6) Insert the swab into the extraction tube with the extraction solution and rotate it 3-5 times. Then leave the swab in the extraction buffer for one minute.
7) Squeeze the extraction tube with your fingers and remove the solution as much as possible by pulling out the swab. You can then dispose of the swab.
8) Place the cap on the extraction tube
9) Remove the test cassette and place it on a flat surface. The test cassette must be used immediately after opening.
10) Apply 3 drops of the test sample from the extraction tube to the sample well by gently pressing the tube. Avoid the formation of air bubbles in the sample well by dropping them on from a distance of a few centimeters. The result will be displayed after 15-20 minutes. Results after 20 minutes are invalid.

Important: This is a simplified representation of the application. Before performing the test, read the instructions for use completely and follow the step-by-step instructions they contain.
Also, familiarize yourself with the warnings and important information.

Interpretation of results
How the result is determined and interpreted can be found in the instructions for use. Please read them carefully. All details should be understood prior to performing the test.
If you are unsure about the interpretation, a doctor should be contacted.
If the result is positive, contact the nearest medical facility (by phone), who will double-check the result if necessary and explain the next steps to you.
Negative results do not rule out infection. If you still have symptoms, contact your family doctor or the nearest healthcare facility (by phone).

Performance data
According to the manufacturer, the test has a sensitivity of 96.19% and a specificity of 99.20%.
Sensitivity describes how good a medical test is at recognizing those who are actually sick, i.e. those who have tested positive. Specificity describes the proportion of people who tested negative, i.e. healthy, received a correct result.

Current developments in the number of cases and the spread of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2):


Storage instructions
please read the instructions for use and the document “Warnings and important information – special part Boson”

Instructions for use
please read the instructions for use and the document “Warnings and important information – special part Boson”

Warning notices
please read the instructions for use and the document “Warnings and important information – special part Boson”



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