Corona Schnelltest Selbsttest, 1 St


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Corona quick test self-test, 1 pc

Product description
Rapid antigen test for personal use. Provides initial clues as to whether there is currently a Covid-19 infection
Simple, convenient and painless taking an anterior nasal swab
Quick result directly on site after 15 minutes
The most accurate results are obtained within the first five days after symptoms appear
It contains everything you need to easily take a mucous membrane sample from your front nose and evaluate it on site
Please understand that a maximum of 6 tests can currently be purchased per purchase in order to give everyone access to the corona rapid tests.

The Hotgen Corona self-test is a test that is designed for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigen in a human nasal swab sample.

1) Read the instructions completely and thoroughly. Choose a suitable work surface. Have the test kit and watch ready. Wash or disinfect hands before and after performing the test
2) Watch the training video (QR code in the instructions for use)
3) Take the swab out of the packaging without touching the wadding. With the padding first, carefully insert 1.5 cm deep into one nostril until you feel a slight resistance. Do not insert deeper if you feel severe resistance or pain. Using medium pressure, move the swab 4-6 times in a circular motion along the inner nasal wall for at least 15 s. Repeat with the same swab in the other nostril
4) Open the sampling tube at the large opening and insert the used swab with the collected sample into the tube. Soak the sample in the liquid of the sample extraction buffer for at least 15 seconds. Rotate the swab several times and press the swab head 3 times. Squeeze the sampling tube while removing the swab. Close the tube with the cap.
5) Put used swabs in the enclosed plastic bag for waste
6) If the test cassette and sample have not been stored at room temperature (10-30 ℃), store them for 15-30 min at room temperature
7) Open the silver aluminum bag, place the test cassette on a flat surface. Now use the test within 30 minutes (at 10-30 ℃, humidity ≤70%)
8) Open the sampling tube at the small front screw connection, put exactly 4 drops of the sample into the sample hole of the test cassette
9) Read the result after applying the drops at room temperature (10 to 30 ° C) after 15 minutes. Results after 30 minutes are invalid.

Attention: Simplified representation of the application. Before performing the test, read the instructions for use completely and follow the step-by-step instructions they contain.

Interpretation of results
How the result is determined and interpreted can be found in the instructions for use. Please read them carefully. All details should be understood prior to performing the test.
In the positive case or in cases of repeated invalidity, the test result must be discussed with a doctor who will plan how to proceed with you.
The positive result must be confirmed by a PCR test.
Negative results do not rule out infection. The test should therefore not be used as the sole basis for treatment.

Performance data
Sensitivity = 95.37%, specificity = 99.13%.
Sensitivity describes how good a medical test is at recognizing those who are actually sick, i.e. those who have tested positive. Specificity describes the proportion of people who tested negative, i.e. healthy, received a correct result.

Warnings and important information
Please be sure to observe the manufacturer’s information in the instructions for use and on the product packaging.
X Store at 4-30 ° C. Shelf life = 18 months. Do not use after the expiration date. Date of manufacture and expiry date: see label
X If the test cassette and the sample have not been stored at room temperature (10-30 ° C), store them at room temperature for 15-30 minutes. If the test cassette has been stored at room temperature, it should be used immediately. After opening, the test cassette must be used within 30 minutes (temperature 10-30 ° C, humidity ≤70%)
X Use sample extraction buffer within 18 months of opening (10-30 ℃, humidity ≤70%)
X test can only make a statement as to whether antigen is present, not in what concentration
X The test result depends on the quality of the sample collection and processing, as well as their transport and storage. Any errors can cause inaccurate test results.
X People under the age of 18 should be supported by an adult
X Only intended for in-vitro diagnostic use
X Use only the swab and sample extraction buffer included in the kit. Do not replace any components
X Use only undamaged test kits
Do not mix X different batches
X Test the sample as soon as possible
X The sensitivity of the test decreases after the first 5 days after the onset of symptoms
X Store unused test cassettes in a closed, dry place
X Do not drink liquid in the sampling tube. In case of accidental ingestion, rinse mouth thoroughly. Extraction liquid is not toxic
X Waste or excess specimens could be infected and should be disposed of immediately and carefully


Storage instructions
please read the instructions for use and the information in the product description

Instructions for use
please read the instructions for use and the information in the product description

Warning notices
please read the instructions for use and the information in the product description



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