Doppelherz Augen-Tropfen 0,4% Hyaluron EXTRA (10×0,5ml), 10 St


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 Doppelherz Eye drops 0.4% Hyaluron EXTRA (10×0.5ml), 10 pcs

Soothing effect on dry eyes
Hyaluronic acid for permanent, long-lasting moisturizing of the eyes
Resealable with practical single dosage
Suitable for contact lens wearers – without preservatives
Doppelherz Eye Drops Hyaluron 0.4% EXTRA offer a long-lasting moisturizing effect for symptom-free and relaxed eyes thanks to cross-linked hyaluronic acid.


Storage instructions
Store between 2 ° C and 20 ° C in a dry place and keep away from heat and direct sunlight.

Instructions for use
Detach the single-dose container from the strip and open it by first turning the cap and then removing it.
Put 2 drops in each eye by gently squeezing the single-dose container.
Close the single-dose container immediately after use.


Mandatory information
Exact product name:
Medical device

Aqueous sodium hyaluronate cross polymer solution (of which 0.4% sodium hyaluronate cross polymer), trometamol, hydrochloric acid (2N), sodium chloride, water for injections (WFI)


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