Extra Lemon Fresh Granulat, 16 St


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Extra lemon fresh granules, 16 pcs

The Lefax extra Lemon Fresh Granulate can be individually dosed and is particularly suitable for frequent flatulence, bloating, pain, cramps and pressure in the stomach. It is very well tolerated and has a purely physical effect: the active ingredient simeticon changes the surface tension of the gas bubbles that arise during digestion. With Lefax extra, these bubbles disintegrate and the air in the stomach dissolves. This will also prevent the formation of new air in your stomach.


Product features:
Suitable for pregnant / breastfeeding women, gluten-free, vegan


Instructions for use
To be taken without water


Warning notices
Keep out of the reach of children!


125 mg simeticon; Lemon flavor; Malic acid; Cream flavor; Sorbitol; talc



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