Flaschenwärmer, 1 St


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This Philips Avent bottle warmer SCF355 / 00 ensures a smooth and even warm-up in just 3 minutes. It has a handy integrated defrost function and fits perfectly in your kitchen! Since the milk circulates continuously during warm-up, it is heated evenly, there are no hot spots. The quality of your milk is preserved. Thaw your milk safely and gently in the bottle warmer while you spend time with your baby. This is more convenient compared to thawing under running water and faster compared to thawing in a refrigerator. Above all, it is safer compared to thawing in a microwave oven. The device also includes a setting for quick warm up of baby food. The bottle warmer is compatible with the Philips Avent range, all Philips Avent bottles and baby food containers can be used. The device is operated via mains (220 V).


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