Kalkreiniger Wasserenthärter Tabs, 53 St


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Prevents the deposition of odor causing dirt
Prevents the deposition of detergent residues
Protects the washing machine from damage caused by lime
The Calgon 3in1 Power Tabs protect your washing machine from the inside. Hard-to-reach machine parts that come into contact with water are thus protected against limescale, dirt deposits and odors.

Product features
Texture / consistency / application:
Caps / tabs

Use Precautions
For all-round protection against limescale and detergent residues, use a Power Tab with every wash.
To do this, add a Power Tab to your detergent in the main wash compartment of your washing machine. Dose the detergent as for soft water (lowest dosage). This relieves the environment and protects your wallet.


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