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Mivolis anti-irritable bowel

To relieve irritable bowel syndrome complaints

Typical symptoms are diarrhea, bloating and constipation

1x daily

Active substance: heat-inactivated lactobacillus acidophilus

Medical product anti-stimulus loving patient, dear patient, please read this instructions carefully before taking Mivolis Anti-irritable bowel.

What is Mivolis anti-irritable bowel? Mivolis anti-irritable bowel contains heat-active lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria and is a medical device to relieve irritable bowel syndrome complaints.

Symptoms of irritable bowel SYN droms are always recurrent abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating and constipation.

The heat-killed bacteria lay on the injured skin of the intestine.

In this case, a damaged site is covered and blocked on the other docking point of anti-inflammatory bacteria.

This will no longer penetrate into the intestinal wall and cause infection.


General precautions

• Not recommended for children and adolescents under 12 years.

• Use this product during pregnancy and lactation only after consulting with your doctor.

• If you have any questions you should ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking this product.

If no improvement has occurred 2 – 3 days after the beginning of the treatment, or if the symptoms have deteriorated significantly (such as occur when fever occurs from 38 ° C), please refer to a doctor.


Warning :-the specified expiration date exceeded, the product may no longer be used.

Storage for children inaccessible.

Cooling (below 25 ° C), stored light and dry.

To use until: see information on the packaging.


Mivolis anti-irritator contains no artificial dyes, flavors, salt, gluten, lactose or preservatives

Composition :-

active ingredient: Heat-inactivated Lactobacillus

Acidophilus Auxilty: Maltodextrin, high-dispenser silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate

capsule shell: methylhydroxypropylcellulose, Gellan Gum


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