SOS Wärme-Umschlag, 1 St


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SOS heat envelope, 1 pc

With its pleasant and well-tolerated warmth, SOS Warmth effectively relieves muscle and joint pain, as well as tension and discomfort in the neck and shoulder area. The warmth envelope consists of a breathable, soft and particularly skin-friendly material. The flexible fit contributes to a high level of comfort and almost unlimited freedom of movement during use. The mixture of activated charcoal and iron powder contained in the envelope heats up on contact with oxygen and provides soothing, gentle, natural and even heat for at least 8 hours without irritating the skin. After use, the envelope can easily be peeled off the skin.


8 hours of effective heat relieves pain for up to 16 hours *
Dimensions envelope (W / D): approx. 29/9 cm

* The effective deep heat of the heat transfer lasts for 8 hours. After the pain is relieved, the effects can last an additional 8 hours – for up to 16 hours of pain relief.


The skin at the application site must be dry and clean. Open the sachet by hand (do not cut into it) and remove the heat wrap. Carefully peel off the protective film on both sides on the back of the warming envelope. Place the heat wrap with the sticky side on the skin over the painful area. After use, slowly peel off the heat wrap.
After opening the pouch, the thermal envelope is activated within 1 minute and warms up within 5 minutes. The heat wrap is activated by the air – the sachet should therefore only be opened when the heat wrap is to be used.


Iron, activated carbon, water


Warning notices
DANGER:If used incorrectly, the heat transfer can lead to burns even at low temperatures. To reduce the risk of burn wounds:Allow air to circulate over the heat wrap and do not apply pressure.
If the heat wrap becomes uncomfortably hot, stop using the patch immediately.
Do not use while sleeping.Follow the full instructions and contraindications in the enclosed leaflet and monitor use regularly.



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