Starbucks von Nespresso® 10 Kapseln


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Starbucks from Nespresso® 10 capsules

Blonde Espresso Roast


Product specifications
Number of capsules 10
Number of cups 10
Starbucks brand
Nespresso capsule system
Taste Aromatic arabica, lightly roasted beans, sweetness
Property aluminum
Cup size espresso
Mild (4/10)



Most people are familiar with the Starbucks coffee chain, which can be found on street corners and around the world. As the inventor of today’s “to-go” coffee, Starbucks revolutionized the way we drink coffee by making it possible to drink gourmet coffee on the go.

Blonde Espresso Roast is a Starbucks coffee for Nespresso made from 100% Arabica beans. The coffee comes from South and Central America and emphasizes the natural sweetness of the coffee bean in a soft and balanced coffee. The mild nature of this variant is ideal for use with milk, where it gives a round coffee taste in many classic espresso drinks without getting the strong roasted notes that a stronger espresso has.




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