Starbucks von Nespresso® 10 Kapseln


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Starbucks from Nespresso® 10 capsules

Lungo Pike Place Roast

Product specifications
Number of capsules 10
Number of cups 10
Starbucks brand
Nespresso capsule system
Taste Aromatic Arabica, Roasted Nuts, Medium Roasted Beans, Chocolate
Property aluminum
Cup size Lungo
Strong (7/10)



Starbucks is known around the world for offering special “to-go” experiences that allow coffee drinks from all over the world to take away delicious coffee with them every day. With decades of experience, Starbucks has unique skills in growing, making and brewing coffee, which is your guarantee of high quality.

Pikes Place Roast is a special type of coffee that can be drunk at any time of the day and on all occasions. This Starbucks variant for Nespresso consists of 100% Arabica beans from Central and South America and is medium roasted. The taste is precisely balanced to make room for a smooth and rich aroma with notes of chocolate and toasted nuts.

These capsules work best as lungo coffee and are also recommended if you like to drink your coffee with milk.




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