Streuhaar Haarverdichter medium brown


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Scatter hair thickener medium brown

Thick and full hair in 15 seconds
Dye the hairline
Concealment of baldness, thin and gray hair
Quick and easy to use
The Cover Hair Scattering Hair Compressor medium brown conjures up full and colored hair in seconds and hides the appearance of bald or thinning hair. It is also ideal for re-coloring your hairline and hides the first gray hair. It is easy to use, enables you to achieve perfect styling and gives you a new attitude towards life.

Product features
Hair type:
Falling Hair, Colored Hair, Fine & Thin Hair, Normal / All Hair Type, Mature Hair
Against hair loss, styling, volume
Product features:
Without alcohol, without ammonia, without perfume, without silicone, without sulfate
Color nuances Colorations:
Blonde shades, brown shades, black shades

Storage instructions
For external use only. Store in a dry place. Keep out of the reach of children

Instructions for use
Application: Open the can and sprinkle it. To do this, hold the can at a slight angle over the desired location. Shake the can and sprinkle the microfibers on it. You can easily do this yourself in front of the mirror. Tip: To make it easier to use, tap the can directly on the desired areas and touch your head with the sieve with every tapping movement. Styling: distribute the microfibers by hand. Spread the fibers over the sprinkled areas by gently tapping with the palm of your hand. The microfibers lay evenly on each hair. This is how you achieve a visually perfect effect. Fix: fix with strong hairspray … and you’re done. A few puffs are enough and you’re done. Tips: Before use: • For best results, wash and dry your hair beforehand. • Hair gel should only be used on the ends of the hair and only after using Cover Hair. It is better to use hairspray than gel. • Choosing the right color is important, always start with the darkest shade of your hair. During application: • After application, Cover Hair should be spread over the sprinkled areas by lightly tapping so that it does not appear sprinkled. • You should keep more distance at the front of the head. To create the best hairline, use the Cover Hair pump spray attachment. • Do not sprinkle too much on the bald spots for a natural look. • For longer hair, comb the hair apart and sprinkle cover hair on the affected areas. After use: • Cover Hair can easily be washed out with a hair shampoo. • If you do not wash your hair every day, massage lightly over the sprinkled areas to loosen up the fibers before using Cover Hair again. In this case only a small amount is needed to achieve the desired effect. • If you leave Cover Hair on overnight, it is advisable to protect the upholstery with a towel, an old T-shirt, or to use bed linen that matches the color of your hair. Because some microfibers can loosen during sleep.

Pump spray attachment: apply Cover Hair specifically, ideal for small areas, the hairline and the parting


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