Wäsche-Weiß-Tücher, 20 St


  • USD: 4.09$


For all temperatures and fine
For liquid and powder detergents
With extreme whiteness
Without bleach
The Heitmann laundry white wipes rid your white laundry of gray haze and yellowing. The wipes release their whitening agent during the entire wash cycle and let your laundry shine in a uniform white.

Product features
Scope of application:
Product features:
Without dyes, without perfume, vegan

Use Precautions
The cloths are suitable for all temperatures and for fine laundry as well as for liquid and powder detergents. The wipes release an extreme whitening power without any bleach. It will remove yellowing and greyness. Hints:
– Please put, depending on the graying of clothing, a maximum of 2 cloths in the drum (do not overdose).
– Do not overload the washing machine.
– Dose the detergent as usual and start the desired washing program.
– Dispose of the used cloths in the household waste and observe the care instructions of the manufacturer.


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