HEITMANN pure Reine Citronensäure 350 g


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HEITMANN pure Pure citric acid 350 g

Heitmann pure citric acid is a limescale remover for kitchen and bathroom in food quality.

It is particularly suitable for the regular descaling of electrical appliances such as espresso and pad machines.

In addition, it is completely biodegradable.

Product features

Without dyes, without perfume, vegan
Texture / consistency / application:

Use Precautions

“As a proven home remedy against lime, HEITMANN citric acid can be used in a variety of ways, eg for descaling and cleaning coffee machines, pad, capsule and espresso machines, fully automatic coffee machines, thermal and thermos flasks, faucets, shower heads, kettles, kettles, egg cookers, stainless steel -, plastic, ceramic, chrome surfaces, washing machines and dishwashers or even planters and flower pots – dissolve the citric acid in water and apply according to the instructions on the packaging – not suitable for enamel, marble surfaces and acid sensitive materials. “

HEITMANN pure Reine Citronensäure 350 g


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