Original Aleppo soap QUEEN since 1962


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Aleppo soap QUEEN since 1962

Royal  Aleppo soap with absolute premium quality.

the room is beautifully smelled oriental like in 1001 night.

Through oriental fragrance, you get the packing directly from Aleppo / Syria, where it was traditionally made by the oriental recipe handmade.

Aleppo soap can be used for cleaning hands, face, hair and body daily.

A very mild soap, it is best suited for sensitive, dry skin and also for children.

The recipe of the Aleppo Soap is based on the exclusive use of pure olive oil and laurel oil.

It’s just a real piece of nature in your hand.

Aaris soap with olive oil, land, oos and amber


Royal Aleppo Soap. The soap consists of olive oil, loreer oil, black cumin oil and a mix of royal flavors.

100% natural content. Free of dyes.

Without preservatives. 100% handmade.

Use: For thorough cleaning of skin and hair.

The Aleppo Soap is versatile and can be used for the following purposes:

Wash your hands.

Facial cleansing and care. Hair wash.

As shower soap and body care.

Skin type: Suitable for every skin type.

Aleppo soap QUEEN

1 x piece 125 g Olive Oil Soap

  • Traditional Handmade
  • Hair Soap
  • Shower Soap
  • Shaving Soap
  • Hand Soap
  • Natural Soap
  • Vegan Soap
  • Natural Cosmetics Soap
  • Kobani Soap
  • Afrin Soap

Original Aleppo soap QUEEN since 1962


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