Dontodent Elektrische Schallzahnbürste Sonic Power 1 St


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Dontodent Electric sonic toothbrush Sonic Power 1 pc

Product description

More than 31,000 vibrations per minute
4 cleaning programs (Clean, White, Sensitive, Massage)
3 adjustable intensity levels
4-quadrant timer
Intelligent pressure sensor for gentle cleaning
The Dontodent sonic toothbrush Sonic Power inspires with advanced sonic technology for gentle and effective cleaning.

With more than 31,000 vibrations per minute, it creates a circulation effect in the toothpaste-water-saliva mixture. Due to the high frequency of movement of this oral fluid, plaque is not only effectively removed from all tooth surfaces, but also deep between the teeth. The toothbrush works even in places that are otherwise inaccessible to bristles.

The packaging contains the following components:

• 1 rechargeable toothbrush
• 1 brush head Sonic Pro Clean with 1 travel cap
• 1 charging station (NiMH battery) with 2 brush holders
• 1 instruction manual

* Packaging contains at least 70% recycled content.

This article is available in different colors / motifs. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pre-select a specific color or motif for this order.

Product features

Toothbrush hardness: mediumDontodent Elektrische Schallzahnbürste Sonic Power, 1 St


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