Rotbäckchen Saft Mama Eisen + 450 ml


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Red Cheek Juice Mama Eisen + 450 ml

Rotbäckchen Mama Eisen+ is a dietary supplement based on natural ingredients.

The needs-based dosage helps to cover the increased need for iron during pregnancy (15 mg) and breastfeeding (5 mg).

The portioned supply spread over the day has a positive effect on tolerability.

The restriction to a few ingredients reduces the risk of allergies.

Delicious fruit juices and strawberry puree ensure a pleasant, purely natural taste.

Recommendation for use Pregnant women: 3 x daily 30 ml, breastfeeding women: 2 x daily 15 ml.

Red cheeks Mama is vegan.

Nutritional Values:-

Composition Per Daily Dose*% NRV**
Iron 15 mg107 %
Vitamin C66 mg83 %

Rotbäckchen Saft Mama Eisen + 450 ml


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