Apfel-Birne mit Dreikorn ab dem 8. Monat Demeter 190 g


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Apple and pear with Dreikorn from the 8th month Demeter 190 g

No added milk or dairy products

Without added aromas

The Demeter apple and pear with three grains from dmBio is a delicious treat for your baby from the 8th month.

It is kept in fine pieces and encourages chewing.

In addition, it is made without fruit juice concentrates, without added sugar (ingredients naturally contain sugar) and without thickeners.

If the liquid separates, please stir.

Nutritional Values

Average nutritional informationper100 g
Calorific value 61 kcal / 258 kJ
Fat0,6 g
of which saturated fatty acids 0,2 g
Carbohydrates11,7 g
of which sugar7,7 g
Fiber2,3 g
Protein1 g
Sat Equivalent0,005 g
Sodium0,002 g


Flavor: Sweet

Recommended age: from 8 months

Product features: organic, lactose-free, no colorings, no preservatives, vegan, vegetarian

Apfel-Birne mit Dreikorn ab dem 8. Monat Demeter 190 g



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