Kindermüsli Beeren ab 1 Jahr Demeter 250 g


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Children’s muesli berries from 1 year Demeter 250 g

Biodynamic – certified by Demeter no added sugar (ingredients naturally contain sugar) without the addition of flavors without the addition of milk and milk products fine flakes – easy to chew Our dmBio children’s berry muesli is a mixture of organic fruits and carefully selected Demeter grain.

As part of a balanced, mixed diet, it is an ideal way to start the day for toddlers aged one year and over.

It contains delicious raspberry and strawberry pieces, tastes great with milk and can also be refined with our dmbio fruit jars (e.g. apple with blueberry) or a finely grated apple.


Contains spelled and spelled products

Contains gluten-containing cereals and gluten-containing cereal products

Contains oats and oat products

Contains wheat and wheat derivatives

May contain traces of lupine and lupine derivatives

May contain traces of nuts and nut derivatives. (May include almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews etc.)

May contain traces of soybeans and soybean derivatives


Nutritional Values:-

Average nutritional information per 100 g
Calorific value 352 kcal / 1.485 kJ
Fat 5,7 g
of which saturated fatty acids 1,1 g
carbohydrates 59,9 g
of which sugar 9,4 g
fiber 10,1 g
protein 10,3 g
Salt equivalent 0,014 g
Vitamin B 1, Thiamine 0,92 mg
Sodium 0,006 g

Kindermüsli Beeren ab 1 Jahr Demeter 250 g


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