Hipp Babysanft Badezusatz Familienbad sensitiv 1 l


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Hipp baby soft Bath additive family bath sensitive 1 l

With natural organic almond extract
Particularly mild
Supports the skin’s natural protective acid mantle
Cares for delicate and sensitive skin while bathing
Colors the bath water nice and blue
The Hipp baby soft family bath cleanses and cares particularly gently: it supports the skin’s natural protective acid mantle and cares for delicate, sensitive skin while bathing.

It has creamy, soft foam for a mild bathing pleasure and contains organic almond extract.

This means that the skin remains supple and baby-soft even with daily bathing.

It is pH-neutral and also suitable for skin prone to neurodermatitis.


Product features:-
Without paraffins / mineral oils


Mandatory information:-
Exact product name: Family bathroom


Instructions for use:-
Recommendation for a baby bath: distribute 2–3 strong splashes in the water at approx. 36 ° C for 5–7 minutes.

For children and adults: 4–6 powerful splashes, for max. 20 minutes



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