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einhorn Menstrual cup size S, 1 pc

Environmentally friendly alternative to disposable items
For light to medium bleeding
The PapperlaCup by unicorn size 1 is a menstrual cup made of medical silicone.

It is particularly soft, comfortable to wear and a loyal period companion for several years.

It does not dry out your mucous membranes and is also environmentally friendly because it can be used over and over again.

The package also includes a small bag made of organic cotton and an intergalactic feminist sticker sheet. For example, 50% of the profits go to human rights projects in Tanzania.

Product features

Product features: Vegan
Target group gender: For women

Storage instructions

Always wash your hands before inserting the cup.

The paper cup is reusable for years, does not make any waste, your vagina and the planet are happy.

More information and discounts are available in the leaflet and at www.einhorn.my/papperlacup.

Instructions for use
Boil the papperlacup at the end of menstruation and store in the supplied Scheidenearther organic cotton bag.


100% medical silicone

scope of delivery

Menstrual cup size 1, organic cotton storage bags, period stickers

einhorn Menstruationstasse Größe S, 1 St


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