FEMIBION Empfängnishilfe für Zuhause


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Femibion concealing aid for home

Innovative introductory aid

Sperm can get to the egg cell more easily

Simple application

Femibion Conception Aid for Home is an innovative conception with an applicator to the Conceptacle and a special condom in which the portio cap is located.

The seed fluid is collected in the portia cap and can be placed directly on the cervix.

Use the contraceptive aid in a relaxed atmosphere at home on the three most fertile day of the woman’s monthly cycle.

The success rate of pregnancy is 8 to 20 percent measured according to clinical studies.

The advantages of femibion conception for home

In natural intercourse, the sperm must hike through the vagina to the cervix to find an egg cell for fertilization.

Femibion Conception aid for at home supports the sperm with the help of the portio cap, which the sperm places directly on the cervix and the seed fluid can thus get to the egg cell more easily.

As a couple, you can use this in an intimate and pleasant atmosphere at home.

You do not need medical help and decide even when the right moment came for your pregnancy.

Femibion Conception Aid – a possible way Of course – without medical aids Intimate – conception on the “classic way” between the couple.

Specifically – the seeds reach the cervix in higher concentration.

Supported to get pregnant at home Femibion Conception Aid for at home is suitable for all couples with desire to have children.

Particularly supportive for male patients with a lower number of sperm or less sperm mobility for couples who are looking for discrete possibilities and/or are not yet ready for further steps such as artificial insemination or couples who want to get pregnant without sexual intercourse.


FEMIBION Empfängnishilfe für Zuhause


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