Kneipp Badeöl Gesundheit Arnika Aktiv 100 ml


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Kneipp Bath Oil Health Arnica Active 100 ml

The Kneipp health bath for joints and muscles with arnica extract and natural essential oils from

Cabreuva, Pinus species and rosemary, together with the warm water, has a beneficial effect on joints and muscles.

The bath has a soothing, warming and reactivating effect.

Usage Notes


Depending on the size of the tub,

add 1 inner capful of the bath additive to the 35-38°C warm bath water for a full bath and enjoy the bath for 10-15 minutes.

Use daily if necessary.

We recommend wrapping yourself up warmly and resting after bathing.

Kneipp Badeöl Gesundheit Arnika Aktiv, 100 ml


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