Mivolis Isländisch Moos Halspastillen, 40 St


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Mivolis Iceland Moss Throat Lozenges, 40 St

To protect the mucous membrane in the throat and pharynx

for adults and children from 4 years effective for sore throat, dry cough and hoarseness

The Icelandic moss (Lichen islandicus), which is predominantly native to mountainous landscapes, is a shrub lichen and has proven itself in traditional herbal medicine, in particular due to its mucous membrane-protecting function.

Mivolis Iceland Moss Throat Pastilles gently relieve typicals cold symptom such as sore throat, coughing and hoarseness.

The active ingredients in Mivolis Icelandic moss throat lozenges form a protective film on the irritated mucous membranes in the mouth, throat and pharynx.

Sore throat and hoarseness are effectively alleviated and the dry cough inhibited.

Mivolis Icelandic Moss Pastilles have a pleasant taste of peppermint.



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