Mivolis Medizinische Mundschutzmaske für Erwachsene (schwarz) 10 St


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Mivolis medical face mask for adults (black) 10 pieces

Prevents the transmission of pathogens by the wearer

Filter performance ≥ 98%

Optimum hold thanks to elastic ear loops and a flexibly adjustable nose clip Product and filter material made in Germany The Mivolis mouth and nose protection consists of a 3-layer, very high-quality non-woven material and a fiberglass-free filter, which prevents the transmission of pathogens through breathing.

In this way, people in the immediate vicinity can be protected from droplet infections from the wearer.

Due to its anatomically adaptable shape and edges made of soft fleece, the mouthguard is very comfortable to wear.

The elastic ear loops and the individually adjustable nose clip also reduce the feeling of pressure while wearing, even over several hours.

The Mivolis mouth and nose protector has a bacterial filter performance of ≥ 98% according to DIN 14683:2019 Type IIR and is resistant to liquid splashes.

Color: Black.

Mivolis Medizinische Mundschutzmaske für Erwachsene (schwarz), 10 St


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