Mivolis Nasencreme 10 ml


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Mivoli’s nose cream 10 ml:-

quick and effective help for a sore nose

for colds and hay fever

for use on and in the nose

with dexpanthenol

Frequent blowing of your nose during allergy and cold seasons or dry ambient air can leave the sensitive skin in and around your nose feeling irritated, cracked and sore.

The nose cream lines the nasal mucosa with a firm protective film that protects the nose from drying out.

Thanks to its combination of active ingredients, Mivolis nasal cream is a quick and effective remedy for a sore nose and helpful for colds and hay fever.

– Sesame oil shields the nasal mucosa and gently removes crusts and crusts

– The combination of glycerin, Atlantic sea salt and the moisturizing dexpanthenol effectively moisturizes and cares for the mucous membrane.

– Lanolin softens rough areas and supports the regeneration of irritated and sore skin.


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