Mivolis Schonendes Abführmittel 20 St.


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Mivolis gentle laxative 20 pcs.

  • Active ingredient: Macrogol
  • No habituation effect
  • Works reliably
  • Keeps the fluid and mineral balance in balance
  • With lemon flavor

Mivolis gentle laxative is a modern, particularly gentle and reliable preparation against constipation.

How does our digestion work? The chyme, consisting of solid and liquid food components, is mixed with the body’s own digestive juices so that the nutrients supplied with the food can be absorbed in the small intestine.

The non-usable components such as fiber migrate further into the large intestine.

On the way through the intestines, water is continuously removed until a soft stool is formed.

The filling stimulates bowel activity and allows for emptying the stool.

How does constipation develop? The main job of the large intestine is to absorb water and minerals (electrolytes) from the stool.

If too much water is removed from the stool, it hardens and can only be passed with difficulty and sometimes with pain.

The causes for this are often an unbalanced diet, too little fluid intake, too little exercise, but also certain medications.

How does macrogol work? Macrogol ensures that a normal, soft and therefore easily evacuated stool is achieved in a particularly gentle and reliable manner.

The powdered macrogol is dissolved in a glass of water and drunk.

Like an invisible sponge, macrogol binds the water and guides it safely into the large intestine.

In contrast to other laxatives, macrogol brings the water needed to soften the stool into the intestine and does not withdraw it from the body.

A habituation or weakening of the effect cannot occur with macrogol.

Macrogol is excreted from the body completely and unchanged. In addition, minerals (electrolytes) are added to the macrogol, which keep the electrolyte balance in balance.


Keep out of the reach of children.

Please consider information and direction for use!

Opened or damaged pouches should not be used

Mivolis Schonendes Abführmittel 20 St.


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