Mivolis Venengel, 100 ml


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Mivolis Venengel, 100 ml:-

With horse chestnut extract and eucalyptus oil

Revitalizing, cooling, relieving

For an invigorating massage of tired and heavy legs

Mivolis Venen Gel is used to care for tired and heavy legs.

Targeted leg care in combination with a massage helps relieve tired legs and supports vein function.

Heavy and tired legs can be the result of sitting or standing for too long, lack of exercise and being overweight.

Mivolis Venen Gel provides noticeable and cooling care as well as quick relaxation.

It has an activating and pleasantly cooling effect and revitalizes heavy and tired legs in a natural way.

Mivolis Venen Gel contains valuable plant extracts, which are known for their use in the care of tired legs.

Additional recommended measures such as sufficient exercise, cold water showers, frequent raising of the legs and wearing support stockings recommended by a doctor increase well-being.

Usage Notes:- If necessary, apply the vein gel thinly to the intact skin and massage it in gently.


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