SOS Wärmepflaster 2 St.


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SOS Heat plaster 2 pcs.

Beneficial heat patch

For muscle and joint pain Self-activating, even deep heat Pain relief for up to 16 hours Painlessly removable

The SOS heat patch relieves pain and relaxes cramped or stressed muscles.

The pleasant heat treatment can also have a positive effect on joint pain with stiffness.

The plaster provides pleasant and even heat for up to 16 hours without irritating your skin.

After use, the heat plaster can be easily removed from the skin.

This article is a medical product.

Instructions for use, doctor or pharmacist provide information about the effect and possible undesirable side effects.

Instructions for use :

The skin at the application site must be dry and clean.

Open the sachet with your hand (do not cut it) and remove the heat patch.

Peel off the backing of the heat patch and apply the adhesive side of the heat patch to the skin over the painful area.

After use, slowly peel off the heat patch.

Warnings :

After opening the sachet, the heat patch activates within 1 minute and heats up within 5 minutes.

The heat patch is activated by the air – the sachet should therefore not be opened until the heat patch is to be used.

If used incorrectly, heat patches can lead to burns even at low temperatures.

To reduce the risk of burns: Allow air to circulate over the heat patch and do not apply pressure.

If the heat patch becomes uncomfortably hot, stop using the patch immediately.

Do not use while sleeping.

May contain traces of latex.

SOS Wärmepflaster 2 pcs.


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