SUNDANCE Kombi Sonnenschutz Creme+Stift LSF 50


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SUNDANCE combination sun protection cream + stick SPF 50, 20 ml

The balanced UVA/UVB broadband filter system and vitamin E offer immediate and reliable protection against sunburn and, with regular use, prevent light-induced skin aging.

The special formulation of the cream provides 24-hour moisture.

The special combination of the lip balm optimally protects the sensitive lip skin from drying out and cold.

Sun, sun protection, combination sun protection cream + stick SPF 50

Instructions for use

Apply sunscreen liberally before going out in the sun. Small application quantities reduce the protective performance considerably. Reapply multiple times to maintain protection, especially when sweating or after swimming and drying off.

Avoid intense midday sun. Protect babies and small children from direct sunlight, use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF greater than 25) and protective clothing. Even sunscreens with high sun protection factors do not offer complete protection against UV rays.

Despite using a sunscreen, do not stay in the sun for too long. Any sunburn causes lasting damage to the skin and should be avoided. Excessive sunbathing is a serious health hazard. Avoid contact with eyes. Allow sunscreen to soak in completely.

Avoid contact with clothing, textiles and surfaces. Formation of permanent contact marks or changes are possible even after complete absorption.


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