SUNDANCE Sonnenmilch MED Ultra Sensitiv Kids LSF 50+, 200 ml


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SUNDANCE Sun Milk MED Ultra Sensitive Kids LSF 50+, 200 ml:-

For baby and children’s skin prone to allergies

Tested and recommended by the German Allergy and Asthma Association

Protects immediately and reliably against sunburn

Without Octocrylene

Skin compatibility dermatologically approved

The sun milk MED Ultra Sensitiv Kids SPF 50+ by SUNDANCE was developed for particularly sun-sensitive, untanned and ultra-sensitive children’s skin.

It is tailored to the needs of sensitive baby and children’s skin and has been tested and recommended by the German Allergy and Asthma Association and is suitable for people with a tendency to Mallorca acne, sun allergy (polymorphic light eruption), psoriasis and for diabetic skin and neurodermatitis sufferers.

The sun milk offers immediate and reliable protection.

Glycerine and vitamin E also provide the delicate children’s skin with the care it needs.

The milk is easy to spread without whitening.


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