tetesept Badeöl Muskel & Bewegung, 125 ml


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tetesept bath oil muscle & movement, 125 ml

Bath oil with natural essential oils

To relieve and warm up the body

Excellent after physical exertion and exercise

Cleansing and care of the skin

Vegan A true all-rounder: the muscle & movement bath oil from tetesept.

Thanks to the formulation with moisturizing substances, the oil bath is particularly kind to the skin and therefore ensures thorough cleaning and care of the skin.

The invigorating bath additive with a natural fragrance effect provides relief and heats up the body, which is why it has a beneficial effect on the muscles, especially after physical exertion.

With the help of the special combination of natural essential oils such as rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil and arnica extract, your body can relax completely.

Give your body a break after exercising.

Usage Notes:-



approx. 1 capful (10 ml) per full bath

Water temperature:


Bathing time:

10-15 minutes


daily if necessary

Please note:

Add to the running water.

contact with avoid sensitive surfaces and objects.

Rinse the tub with hot water after the bath.

Our tip: wrap up warm after the bath and rest.


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