tetesept Badesalz Meeressalz Tiefenentspannung 600 g


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tetesept bath salt sea salt deep relaxation 600 g

Demonstrably promotes deep relaxation and inner peace

With 100% natural sea salt + 4 essential oils

Easily soluble salt crystals

Free from paraffins, silicones, mineral oils


The tetesept sea salt deep relaxation is a soothing relaxation bath that has been proven to ensure inner peace and deep relaxation.

It has a skin-healthy sea salt base and is 100% natural.

The unique composition contains 4 selected essential oils from jasmine, Indian lemon balm, bergamot and orange.

This combination was tailored to the needs of physical and mental stress.

It is free from preservatives, paraffins and mineral oils.

Usage Notes

Fill ¾ of the lid with tetesept sea salt and add this to the bath water.

Enjoy Your bath at 36-38°C for 10-20 minutes.

Rinse the Rinse the bath with hot water after use.

Not in bring to eyes and damaged skin.

tetesept Badesalz Meeressalz Tiefenentspannung, 600 g


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