tetesept Fußcreme Anti Hornhaut mit Urea (25%)


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tetesept foot cream anti calluses with urea (25%), 75 ml

With hydro-lipid complex and 25% urea

Effectively reduces calloused skin

Results after 5 days Inhibits callus formation

The tetesept anti-corneal urea cream effectively reduces calloused skin.

The unique formula with hydro-lipid complex and 25% urea has been proven to work once a day for 4 weeks and effectively reduces calluses.

Storage Instructions

Keep out of the reach of children.

Usage Notes

Use: If necessary, apply to clean, dry feet daily and massage in.

Apply lotion to the calloused areas of skin.

Once skin has regenerated, continue to use as needed to keep skin smooth and supple.


Cosmetic for external use.

Do not get in eyes or on mucous membranes.

Do not apply to open, bleeding or infected areas.

tetesept Fußcreme Anti Hornhaut mit Urea (25%), 75 ml


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