Abtei Johanniskraut Rotöl Kapseln (30 stk)


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Abbey St. John’s wort red oil capsules (30 pcs)
The Abbey St. John’s wort red oil capsules improve the feeling of well-being during nervous stress and strengthen the nerves by reducing overstimulation. The traditional, herbal medicine works through the power of light in the valuable red oil.
Product features: Gluten free, lactose free
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on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
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Active ingredients: St. John’s wort red oil Traditional herbal medicine for use exclusively due to long-term use for the following areas of application: Strengthens the nerves and relieves nervous overstimulation. Active ingredient concentration: 1 soft capsule contains: 221 mg extract from St. John’s wort Dosage form: 2 x daily


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