Doppelherz Kollagen Kapseln (30 Stück)


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Doppelherz collagen capsules (30 pieces)

Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation

Copper as a contribution to normal skin pigmentation and normal connective tissue formation

With collagen hydrolyzate Also included is coenzyme Q10 As we age, our skin tends to thin.

This is where Doppelherz collagen capsules can help.

Collagen is an important structural protein of the skin and is mainly found in the connective tissue.
Hyaluronic acid as an endogenous substance is also found in the skin and can bind large amounts of water.

In addition, the coenzyme Q10 is used.

Product features: Gluten-free, lactose-free


Contains release agents

Contains filler

Contains dyes

Contains glazing agent

Contains humectants with colorant

Contains iron oxides and iron hydroxides

Contains ascorbic acid

Contains dicalcium phosphate

Contains glycerin

Contains microcrystalline cellulose

Contains Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose

Contains carboxymethyl cellulose (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, cellulose gum)

Contains magnesium salts of fatty acids


Nutritional Values ​​

composition As a daily dose* % NRV**
Biotin 500 µg 1.000 %
copper 0,3 mg 30 %
manganese 0,5 mg 25 %
Vitamin C 40 mg 50 %
Coenzyme Q10 5 mg ****
Collagen hydrolyzate 900 mg ****


Storage Instructions:- Store dry and not above 25 °C.

Usage Notes :- Take 1 tablet daily with a meal and sufficient liquid.

Doppelherz Kollagen Kapseln (30 Stück)




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