DOPPELHERZ Vitamin D3 2000 + K2 system Tabletten


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DOUBLE HEART Vitamin D3 2000+K2 system tablets

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Bones are subject to a permanent formation and breakdown process. Many micronutrients play a role in bone maintenance, such as calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K.

Doppelherz® system VITAMIN D3 + K2 2000
Doppelherz® system VITAMIN D3 + K2 2000 is a dietary supplement with vitamins D and K.

The advantages at a glance

contains vitamin D and vitamin K
easy consumption
lactose and gluten free

Which ingredients are contained in Doppelherz® system VITAMIN D3 + K2 2000?
Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin. Strictly speaking, it is a whole group of vitamins: On the one hand, vitamin K1 (phylloquinone) found in the leaves of green plants and vitamin K2 (menaquinone) produced by bacteria in the intestine and finally vitamin K3 (menadione). Menaquinones (MK) come in different forms. The vitamin K2 contained in the Doppelherz® system VITAMIN D3 + K2 2000 is MK-7.

The human body only produces small amounts of vitamin K2 itself. The vitamin is usually ingested through meals from animal and bacterially fermented foods. Typical sources are offal, meat, egg yolks and dairy products. The highest levels of vitamin K2 are found in fermented soybeans.

DOPPELHERZ Vitamin D3 2000+K2 system Tabletten


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