babylove Schnuller Air Silikon symmetrisch braun/grün Gr.3 ab 16 Monate 2 St


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babylove pacifier Air silicone symmetrical brown/green size 3 from 16 months 2 pieces 

Product description

  • Jaw-friendly, symmetrically shaped suction part
  • Flat teat neck to reduce pressure
  • High-quality, sturdy plastic
  • Extra large openings for maximum air permeability
  • In the practical transport and sterilization box


The babylove Air pacifier brown/green (motif: turtle) in size 3 with a symmetrically shaped silicone teat part always lies the right way up in the baby’s mouth, even when the pacifier is turned. The flat teat neck reduces pressure on the jaw and teeth. Thanks to the practical transport and sterilization box, the pacifier can not only be stored hygienically, but also sterilized in the microwave.


FOR YOUR CHILD’S SAFETY – CAUTION • Check the pacifier before each use. Pull the pacifier in all directions. • At the first sign of damage or defects, throw it away immediately. • Only use special pacifier straps that comply with EN 12586. • Never attach other ribbons or cords to a pacifier; they could strangle your child.

Mandatory information

Exact product name:


Usage instructions

Use for sterilization in the microwave: Please remove the packaging and any attached labels before first use. Add 25 ml of water (up to the mark) into the box and then place one or two pacifiers in it. Close the box, place in the microwave and sterilize for 2 minutes at 700-1000 watts.

To avoid material damage, do not place the box in the middle of the turntable. Then let the box cool for 5 minutes. Attention: Risk of scalding even after 5 minutes! Empty any remaining water and let the pacifier dry in the opened box. Check temperature before use! Please note the instructions for use of your microwave and whether the pacifier is suitable for hygienic sterilization in the microwave. Incorrect amount of water, time or wattage can cause material damage. All babylove pacifiers are suitable for sterilization in the microwave. Check the box before each use and discard it at the first sign of damage or defects.

Storage instructions

 Keep the box out of the reach of children. The box is not a toy.

babylove Schnuller Air Silikon symmetrisch braun/grün Gr.3 ab 16 Monate 2 St



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