Fehn Softbilderbuch Tiere & Tänzerin, grau & blau 1 St


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Fehn soft picture book animals & dancer, gray & blue 1 pc

Fabric book from Fehn in modern muslin and soft velor
Learn while playing: Squeaks, rustling paper, mirrors and a mix of materials promote gripping exercises, the sense of touch and self-awareness
Always with you, whether in the bed, in the baby seat or in the stroller – a great companion for babies from 0 months
The soft picture book invites babies to discover a magical world.

The elephant, the lion and the dancer are a lot of fun to browse and explore.

The hidden squeak, the rustling paper and the mirror playfully promote baby’s senses, imagination and self-recognition.

Babies love the loving details and the soft muslin materials for grasping, touching and exploring.

Thanks to the fastening ring, the fabric book is ideal for at home and on the go.

Fehn Softbilderbuch Tiere & Tänzerin, grau & blau 1 St



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