trend !t up Künstliche Nägel Unlimited Style Bare 24 St


  • USD: 7.46$


trend !t up Artificial Nails Unlimited Style Bare, 24 pcs   

Product description 

  • For stylish nails in no time
  • Incl. nail glue for uncomplicated attachment
  • For a shock and shatterproof hold


The Unlimited Styles Bare Nails from trend !t up create stylish nails in no time at all, whether natural or painted, they are suitable for every occasion.

The nails can also be easily attached with the enclosed nail glue – for an impact and splinter-proof hold. 

Instructions for use

Application: Choose the right size, apply the included glue to the natural nail and apply and press the artificial nails.

To remove, roughen the nail surface with a file and wrap a cotton swab soaked with nail polish remover around the nail until the glue dissolves.

The nail can then be carefully lifted from the side and removed.

You should not remove the artificial nail without first soaking it.trend !t up Künstliche Nägel Unlimited Style Bare 24 St


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