Balea Blasenpflaster Mix 6 St


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Balea Blister Plaster Mix 6 pcs  

Product description  

  • Helps against blistering
  • Protects against pressure & friction
  • Water and dirt repellent


The transparent Balea blister plaster mix with full-surface hydrocolloid is suitable for preventing and protecting against blisters on the feet. The blister plasters absorb blister fluid and have a cushioning effect.


Only suitable for superficial wounds. Do not use on infected wounds, major injuries, or third-degree burns. If you have diabetes, poor circulation or signs of infection, please consult a doctor. Do not reuse, the s may lead to infection.

Usage instructions

Make sure the affected skin area is clean, dry and free of oil before applying the patch. Remove the protective paper and place the patch on the blister without touching the adhesive side. Press the plaster carefully. Leave the patch in place until it comes off on its own. If it is to be removed beforehand, peel off the plaster slowly and gradually under a jet of warm water.

Balea Blasenpflaster Mix 6 St


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