Balea Haarentfärbungscreme 100 ml


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Balea hair bleaching cream 100 ml

  • color removing cream
  • Makes hairs invisible
  • For face, upper lip, arms and legs
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Can be dosed individually


  • The Balea hair coloring cream is easy to apply, can be individually dosed, and is easy to use for all skin types.

In this way, it makes annoying shadows on the upper lip, face, arms or legs invisible quickly and gently.

instructions for use

Do not use any other care products before use and clean the skin with cold water.

Use the spatula to mix the bleaching cream (component 1) and the activator cream (component 2) in the same ratio in the mixing bowl until the two components are evenly mixed.

Then apply the cream to the section of hair to be bleached so that all hair is evenly covered.

The necessary exposure time of the hair bleaching cream depends on the skin type.

First leave the cream on the face for 5 minutes or on the body for 7 minutes and then test the result on a small area with the spatula.

If the hair is not yet light enough, the cream should continue to work for a short time – until the desired result is achieved.

Please note: The cream should not be left on the face for more than 10 minutes in total and on the body for no more than 15 minutes in total.

It is possible that the hair is after an application.

Other important information: Follow the application described and read the warnings.

Before each use, the skin reaction should be tested on a small area.

If no side effects are seen after 24 hours, you can start bleaching your hair.

This product could possibly cause a temporary lightening of the skin, but this effect disappears after a few hours.

You can use this product to bleach hair on legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, upper lip, cheeks and chin.

Balea Haarentfärbungscreme 100 ml


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