ebelin Gesichtsmassagebürste 1 St


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ebelin facial massage brush 1 piece 

Product description 

  • Product available in different finishes.Pattern/color not selectable
  • Massage brush for the face
  • For removing loose skin cells With 30% less plastic through the use of wheat straw
  • For a fresh, rosy complexion The facial massage brush from ebelin conjures up a fresh, rosy complexion. 
  • The wheat straw brush ensures thorough cleaning of the face.

Thanks to the practical nylon bristles, the skin is also massaged and gently freed from loose skin cells. 

This article is available in different versions. Unfortunately, it is not possible to preselect a specific version for this order. 

Mandatory notices

Exact product designation: ebelin facial massage brush wheat straw

Instructions for use

Apply a mild cleansing product to damp face and lather and massage in with the brush in gentle, circular movements. Only use gentle cleaning products.

Storage Instructions

After use, rinse the facial massage brush under clear water and let it air dry.

ebelin Gesichtsmassagebürste 1 St


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