Luvos Heilerde Clean-Peel-Maske 15 ml


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Luvos Healing Earth Clean Peel Mask 15 ml

For noticeably supple, pure and smooth skin

Cleans deep into the pores, clarifies and prevents irritation

Gently exfoliates Softly smoothes and refines the complexion

Instant effect

The Luvos Heilerde Clean-Peel-Mask has a 2-in-1 active ingredient complex made from pure natural healing earth.

With valuable minerals and trace elements, pleasantly gentle peeling powder coated with apricot seeds and nourishing peach kernel oil, it gently removes dead skin cells and calluses.

The clean peel mask frees the skin from excess sebum, deposits and dirt particles.

It cleans and clarifies deep into the pores.

With regular use, it helps to create a soft, rosy and even complexion and prevents inflammation caused by skin impurities.

Usage Notes

Apply the mask evenly to the face, neck (and décolleté) once or twice a week, as required, avoiding the eye and mouth area.

After about 10-15 minutes, gently massage the mask off with lukewarm water and a pad.

Luvos Heilerde Clean-Peel-Maske, 15 ml


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