Schaebens Maske Peel-off 15 ml


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Schaebens Mask Peel-off 15 ml

The Schaebens peel-off mask with thermal water and pearl extract promotes blood circulation in the skin and refines the complexion.

It cleans, clarifies and frees the skin from sebum deposits.

For a significantly cleaner skin.

Content 15ml.

Usage Notes

Application: knead the bag before opening.

Apply thinly and evenly to cleansed facial skin.

Avoid the eye and lip area.

After 15 – 20 minutes, peel off the mask from the forehead and the sides of the face towards the middle. Wash off residue with warm water.

Apply 3 times a week.

** Isolated skin intolerance reactions may occur.

Allergy sufferers should check the ingredients carefully.

Schaebens Maske Peel-off, 15 ml


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