Garnier Skin Active Tuchmaske Teebaumöl 1 St. 23 g


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Garnier Skin Active Tuchmask Tea tree oil 1 St. 23 g

  • Cleans the skin intensely, impurities are removed and less visible
  • Fightingly fights folders and visibly reduces the pores – without drying out the skin
  • Come on with oily skin, as it removes excess sebum and thus refined the complexion
  • After the first application, the skin looks more even and is supplied with important moisture
  • For a matt and healthy complexion


The Garnier Skin Active cloth mask tea tree oil ends with impure skin.

Due to the effective formula with tea tree oil and salicylic acid, the skin is cleaned, blackheads are removed and pores are reduced.

After an application, the complexion appears visibly refined and the face receives a healthy, matt complexion.

For this, the cloth mask removes impurities and reduces excess sebum.

Thanks to the nourishing ingredients, the skin is also supplied with important moisture.

The cloth is of vegetable origin, the cream has been dermatologically tested.

Usage instructions

Clean the face before using the cloth mask.

Then fold the mask apart, place on the skin and gently adapt to the facial contours.

Let it work for 15 minutes.

Since the cloth mask holds very well on the face, freedom of movement during the exposure time is not limited.

After taking on the mask, massage the mask and massage the residues into the skin or remove them with a cotton pad.

Tip: For a daily cleaning, we recommend Garnier skin clear 3in1 clay – washing gel, mask and peeling in a product.

Garnier Skin Active Tuchmaske Teebaumöl 1 St., 23 g


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