Gillette Rasierer, ProShield Chill 1 St


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Gillette Razor: ProShield Chill 1 pc

For a smoother, clean shave with a cooling feeling of freshness

Experience a smoother, cleaner shave with the Gillette ProShield Chill razor. It provides an invigorating cooling sensation for a refreshing shaving experience.

FlexBall™ Technology for Adaptability

FlexBall™ technology ensures that the razor adapts to the contours of your face, allowing for a close and comfortable shave. Say goodbye to missed spots and enjoy effortless gliding along every curve.

5 Ultra-Sharp ProBlades™ and Double Gliding Strip

The Gillette ProShield Chill razor features 5 ultra-sharp ProBlades™, providing precise and efficient shaving performance. The double gliding strip enhances smoothness and reduces irritation for a gentle glide.

Lubricating Strips with Cooling Ingredients

Equipped with lubricating strips infused with cooling ingredients, this razor ensures a soothing and refreshing sensation during your shave. Experience the coolness while achieving a close and comfortable shave.

1 Spare Blade = 1 Month of Shaving

Each spare blade offers a month’s worth of shaving, providing long-lasting performance and value for your grooming routine.

The Gillette ProShield Chill razor combines precision, cooling freshness, and adaptability for an exceptional shaving experience. Upgrade your shaving routine with this high-quality razor designed for men.

Skin Type: Normal

Scope of Application: Face

Gillette Rasierer, ProShield Chill 1 St


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