L’ORÉAL PARIS CASTING CREME GLOSS Intensivtönung Natural Gloss 423 Kastanienbraun 1 St


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L’ORÉAL PARIS CASTING CREME GLOSS Intensive tint Natural Gloss 423 chestnut brown 1 piece 

Product description 

  • Intensifies the natural color tone of the hair
  • Optimal gray hair coverage
  • Suitable for all hair texture
  • Without silicone for a natural hair feel


L’Oréal Paris Casting Natural Gloss 423 Chestnut Brown contains 90% ingredients of natural origin that harmoniously cover the first gray hair.

The treatment ensures strand by strand for supple, well-groomed hair, makes it look visibly healthy and provides an exceptional shine.

With it you get a rich, harmonious and shiny color that covers the gray hair and is quick and easy to apply, even for beginners.

Casting Natural Gloss intensifies the natural color of your hair and takes your hair structure into consideration.

The color lasts up to 28 washes. After that, she goes back to her natural shade step by step.

The durability of the color may vary depending on the condition of the hair.


Hair dyes can cause allergic reactions.

Temporary black henna tattoos can increase the risk of allergies.

Do not color your hair: if you have a rash on your face or if your scalp is sensitive, irritated or damaged if you have ever experienced a reaction after coloring your hair.

if you have ever had a reaction to a black henna temporary tattoo.

Ignoring an existing allergy can be life-threatening.

It is imperative to carry out an allergy screening test 48 hours before each use of the product, even if you have used hair dye before


INGREDIENTS: AQUA / WATER • CETEARYL ALCOHOL • ETHANOLAMINE • GLYCERIN • PROPANEDIOL • OLEIC ACID • OLEYL ALCOHOL • COCO-GLUCOSIDE • TOLUENE-2,5-DIAMINE • m-AMINOPHENOL • 2-AMINO-3-HYDROXYPYRIDINE • ASCORBIC ACID • HYDROXYBENZOMORPHOLINE • Sodium Metabisulfite • Hydroxyethyl-3,4-methylenedixyaniline HCL • 6-hydroxyindole • Thioglycerin • Mel / HONEY • Xanthan Gum • N, N-BIS (2-hydroxyethyl) -p-phenylenediamine sulfate • Tetrasodium glutamate • Perfume / fragrance

Instructions for use

The basis of a successful tint is the preparation.

Read the instructions carefully and use the following tools:

1. A dark towel to protect clothing

2. Hair clips to separate strands

3. A timer to time the exposure time

4. The contents of the pack with professional gloves , developer milk, coloring cream and shine-reflex balm.

Application: Add the coloring cream to the developer cream and shake the bottle vigorously.

Apply the mixed toner strand by strand to damp, unwashed hair.

After approx. 20 minutes exposure time, rinse out thoroughly and work in the hair butter.

Rinse after 2 minutes.

Storage Instructions

Keep cool and dry

L'ORÉAL PARIS CASTING CREME GLOSS Intensivtönung Natural Gloss 423 Kastanienbraun 1 St


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